Premier’s philosophy is to bring together in harmony and synergy nature’s own wisdom coupled with cutting-edge scientific discovery to create effective, luxury skincare products. Our Premier products are so effective, they deliver what they promise and typically more than you ever imagined. Premier is dedicated to excellence, integrity, vitality and global responsibility.
In 1990 our group of dermatology and cosmetic experts, who specialize in the therapeutic minerals of the Dead Sea, set out to find a solution for the sagging effects space travel had to the skin of astronauts. In their research, they discovered a whole new process for daily skin care treatment. After decades of manufacturing skin care for other companies, they used their discovery to create Premier’s unique array of luxury skin care products.

There is much to be learned from the incredible adaptive techniques found in nature. With patience, understanding and humility many secrets of nature can be imitated for the benefit of mankind. Premier focuses on nature’s own unique wisdom combined with the latest technology and research to indulge your skin with science and nature. 

All our products provide the unique therapeutic properties of the Dead Sea featuring 21 minerals which are recognized for their vital source of energy, oxygen and nutrition for the skin.  When combined with our desert plant extracts, our liposome technology and our mineral bar secret, Premier luxury skin care products expertly stimulate the epidermal cells and restructure the skin’s required balance, repairing, strengthening and nourishing the skin.