Oro Gold Cosmetics has modernized these ancient traditions into a line of cosmetics that is truly timeless. Made with real 24 karat gold that is imported from Italy to the United States, and then manufactured in our lab to produce our various Oro Gold series. The beauty products create an effortless transformation that will treat and maintain ones youth and beauty for years to come.

Client Experience:

On entering an Oro Gold Cosmetics Shop, prospective clients discover an exclusive, beautifully appointed high-end boutique. Unique to the Oro Gold experience are well-trained sales representatives provisioning customers a bespoke service in customizing our range of products to their beauty needs. A client may comfortably spend as much time in shop as required to sample the various cosmetic applications until they find the perfect match for their skin. Oro Gold Cosmetics has developed a line of cosmetics that is built into various series, each Oro Gold series serves a separate cosmetics issue and has been designed for different skin type and conditions.